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Pica Agency

Build, communicate, connect

We develop transmedia design & disruptive communication strategies to help you build your brand, communicate your values, connect with your audience & sell your products



We create and develop strategies to enhance and support the business development of our clients



We solve communication needs so that the company message reaches its potential recipients in an optimal way.



We build the necessary bridges to connect services with users and products with buyers

Let's make it nice!

Foreground & Background

Working side by side with our clients, with passion and personal commitment, we plan strategies, create contents and design all kind of communication pieces or events. Our goal is to deliver powerful and innovative solutions for the wide demands that characterize the transmedia era: from branding to social media, from online presence to internal publications…

New media, new formats

Though we have a strong background in editorial design, we believe new technologies are an opportunity to offer new solutions for our clients’ communication needs. With this premise in mind, we develop websites and apps that not only provide added value to our clients but also ensure an optimal user experience, helping to strengthen the link between them and their customers, telling on-screen stories in an appealing way, mixing the foundations of the publishing world with interactivity and multimedia content.
We also help our customers to organise events and to find sponsorships to create commercial synergies.


From small stores to government agencies

Some of our clients

Each of our clients, regardless of their scale, is cared for and guided by a team of professionals who ensure they achieve the best results for each project.