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Build, communicate, connect

We develop transmedia design & disruptive communication strategies to help you build your brand, communicate your values, connect with your audience & sell your products

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Foreground & Background

Working side by side with our clients, with passion and personal commitment, we plan strategies, create contents and design all kind of communication pieces. Our goal is to deliver powerful and innovative solutions for the wide demands that characterize the transmedia era: from branding to social media, from online presence to internal publications…

New media, new formats

We believe new technologies are an opportunity to offer new solutions for our clients’ communication needs. With this premise in mind, we develop websites and apps that not only provide added value to our clients but also ensure an optimal user experience, helping to strengthen the link between them and their customers.

We also developed an innovative solution for telling on-screen stories in a more appealing way, mixing the foundations of the publishing world with interactivity and multimedia content.

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device presentation tablet frame
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Who we are

Gustavo Besada
Art Director

With a degree in Graphic Design, Gustavo has an extensive experience in editorial projects and corporate identity developments for private companies as well as public agencies. Passionate about aesthetics and detail, he is committed to give visual solutions to communication challenges of any kind.

Luciano Cukar
Creative Director

As a graphic designer developing communication projects for more than 20 years, Luciano specializes in the conception and creation of new formats, applying the foundations of great design to the new transmedia reality.

Jennifer Lutz

As a writer, Jennifer has worked across markets, writing reports for periodicals, creating content for product launches, and designing a language that defines brands. With a degree in creative writing from Columbia University, and ten years of experience in digital journalism, marketing, and public relations, Jennifer brings a unique combination of analytic and creative skills.

Josep Sole
Creative Associate

Josep has developed his career working in the newspaper and the advertising business. As Head of Operations, he helped launch Ara, a Catalan newspaper with printed, digital and audiovisual versions. As Creative Director, he founded OHM Disseny, working for clients such as Generalitat de Catalunya or Ajuntament de Barcelona. His association with helps us to develop audiovisual and multimedia contents.

Ainhoa Sorrosal
Content Manager

With a degree in Political Science and Journalism, and more than 10 years of experience in the media sector, Ainhoa has a 360 degree strategic vision of the elements that make up the communication process. This analytical capacity allows us to propose customized and breakthrough alternatives of advanced communication that takes our projects one step ahead.