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Festival Mil·lenni


01. The Project

What were we asked to develop?

We manage the visual communication for the Festival Mil·lenni, an annual series of concerts held in Barcelona from September to May. Our design work encompasses a wide range of materials, including public transport advertisements, street posters, editorial pieces, social media posts, as well as tickets and crew IDs.

02. Strategy

How did we decide our approach?

The Festival Mil·lenni spans various venues across the city, featuring a diverse array of artists to cater to different audiences. Given the festival’s eclectic nature, our communication strategy couldn’t rely on a single location, musical genre, or target demographic. Instead, we embraced the festival’s eclecticism as its defining characteristic. We developed a graphic design approach based on abstract geometry, using gradient colors that seamlessly transition from one hue to another. This geometric design conceptually “envelops” all the events that comprise the festival, highlighting its multifaceted essence.

03. Development

How did the project evolve?

In successive editions of the festival the graphic line has evolved, always maintaining the original guidelines of the project: abstract geometry as the common thread that brings together the different concerts of each edition.

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